Celebrating God’s Goodness

Once again I’ve been thinking about writing a blog for the last few days; and once again I didn’t actually sit down with my computer until I received a text from my Mom saying that I’m over a month behind on my blogging.  The trouble is I don’t know where to begin!  I guess summer break at the end of June is a good place to start.

I have my parents to thank for such an incredible break because about a week and a half before summer break they offered to fly me home to California!  Although I was excited about the prospect of going to a new country (El Salvador), I couldn’t pass up the opportunity see my family, boyfriend, and friends along with lots of American food during California summer.  And that’s exactly what I did for nine days straight.  As soon as my parents picked me up from LAX at 10:30PM I requested we go where any college student or young adult would ask to go if they have been out of California for more than a month—In N Out.  Upon arriving I was joyfully reunited with Brendin and the rest of the Williamson family (minus Caleb) who thoughtfully drove out from Thousand Oaks to join in for a late night burger.  The following days were spent with family: a few days at my parents condo in La Quinta with my aunts and cousins, a few days at home where I finally saw my sister after six months and was able to successfully surprise all of my grandparents after making them believe that were Skyping me from Guatemala just moments before, and a few days of hanging out with friends who are pretty much family.  I also got to spend time at the beach, in the pool, Dodger stadium, and a few precious days with Brendin.


sister friends

                                    sister friends

Long time friends catching up over a game of Dodger baseball.

Long time friends catching up over a game of Dodger baseball.


A few days with my love.

                           A few days with this guy.

After spending a week and a half away from Guatemala and a week and a half in California I began to appreciate some things in a new light.  I missed my students and was reminded of how much I enjoy being with them in the classroom.  Sometimes I forget how blessed and cool my life is because of these kids and the way they have developed in these last seven months.  I appreciate the family of teachers I live with and how we have remained a positive and encouraging unit despite all the difficulties we have had to face together this year.  I appreciate my family back home who have continued to inquire about my experiences and willing to spend money to bring me home and also come down to Guatemala themselves to see this amazing place I am a part of (11 more days!).  I appreciate my boyfriend who celebrates my victories, encourages and advises me when I’m frustrated or discouraged, and daily lifts me up in prayer.  There are few guys in this world who can do all of that while still being supportive of their girlfriend wanting to go thousands of miles away for ten months.

A more important truth that I’ve been reminded of lately is of God’s goodness.  We experience triumphs, celebrations, failures, and hurdles and God remains good throughout all of it.  I have witnessed His goodness as two new students were moved up into my class.  Miguel and Ana are brother and sister and were just too smart for first grade, so after the break they came into my second grade class.  They are both incredibly smart and bring such a fun new dynamic to our class (now I have 9!).  God was still good when we had many, MANY traveling hurdles and troubles when a group of us went to Mexico a few weekends ago.  And I also saw the goodness of His creation as I sat on a log after a run along a beautiful beach in Puerto Aristas.

image (1)

God remains true and faithful in every circumstance throughout our lives.  He remains faithful even though there are times when I doubt Him and His power.  His truth is still strong as rock even though sometimes I let the lies of the devil creep in.  He remains good even if I am having a terrible day in class with my students.  He is the one who led me to this place and continues to guide and strengthen me every single day.  He has taught me beautiful lessons of patience, love, forgiveness, and self-control.  I see Him working every day in the lives of these children as well as mine.  It’s hard to believe I only have three more months at the School of Hope.  Every time I think about leaving, my heart breaks a little bit; yet every time I think about how far these students have come my heart is filled with joy.  This school was started by God planting a crazy wonderful idea in a very good friend of mine.  And I have seen this place and the people a part of it grow in some incredible ways through the prosperity and care of an even more incredible God.

There have been so many moments of celebration in this place, and it all points back to the goodness of our God.  As the end of the school year draws closer, we are doing all we can to prepare for the next school year and the new incoming teachers.  We are still in need of teachers for the 2014 school year, so if you are interested or know anyone else who would be interested in this amazing service watch the video below and talk to us.

Come and join the celebration.

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating God’s Goodness

  1. Kaitlyn,
    You continue to be in my prayers as you finish out the last few months of this life-changing experience. Working with children, especially those who are less fortunate, lies near and dear to my heart. To have such a love and passion for those young children and a desire to see them succeed, makes you a true teacher. God had amazing plans for your future an I know whatever those plans are, you will do it with a servant’s heart and with a smile on your face! You’ve taught those children more than English, math, art, and writing, you’ve taught them about Jesus and you’ve taught them to love learning. What a gift! ❤ I love you kiddo!
    ❤ Mama #2

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